Voelt u zich ook aangetrokken tot een werkgever waar een aangenaam en correct personeelsbeleid gevoerd wordt?



2019 : delivery of 20 new SCANIA R450 trucks new model, complete fleet of 45 trucks is Euro6


2018 : enlarging DTS depot with 5000m² meters extra parking place

2018 : license for Bonded Warehous, we can now storage your import containers under customs licence much cheaper than port container terminals

2018 : purchase of 20 new BROSHUIS multifuncional container trailers

2017 : set up FUMIGATION depot, all your containers with wood or logs can now be fumigated with SULFURILDIFLUORIDE

01.01.2015 creation of a new company style - we will operate now as DEERTRANS - also lay out of logo and publicity on the trucks will be renewed